A Christian Journey

10. Is death the end?

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"10. Jesus' death, however, was not the end of everything. The faith of his community is: The Crucified is living forever with God, as our hope. Resurrection does not mean either a return to life in space and time or a continuation of life in space and time but the assumption into that incomprehensible and comprehensive last and first reality which we call God."
Hans Küng

Is death the end?
The seed must die to bring new life.
The Jesus who died on the cross
Became the resurrected Christ.

Is death the beginning?
The first believers met the reborn Christ.
They celebrated his new life
Forever with God, as hope for us all.

Is eternal life real?
The corpses are not revived.
The old life does not continue.
For God exists in another dimension.

Is death the end?
Surely those who die will find
What no human eye can see,
And be with Jesus in our Father’s realm.

Graham Andrew © 2011