A Christian Journey

11. From God to God

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"11. The resurrection faith, therefore, is not an appendage but a radicalizing of faith in God: of faith in God the Creator."
Hans Küng

The funeral service has the line,
Earth to earth.
But before earth there was God,
The Creator.
And after earth there is God,
The Completer.

In life, Jesus saw through the two-way mirror that hides God from humanity.
He proclaimed God’s kingdom.
Like us, he came from God.

In death, Jesus shattered the mirror and revealed the ultimate reality.
He was proclaimed Messiah, Saviour, Lord.
Like Him, we go to God.

The funeral service has the line,
Dust to dust.
But before dust there was God,
The Alpha.
And after dust there is God,
The Omega.

Graham Andrew © 2011