A Christian Journey

14. Catholic and Protestant

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"14. The essential distinction between 'Catholic' and 'Protestant' today no longer lies in particular doctrinal differences but in the diversity of basic attitudes which have developed since the Reformation but which can now be overcome in the one-sidedness and integrated into a true ecumenicity."
Hans Küng

Take two siblings separated in childhood,
Grown apart in many ways,
Yet still sharing the same Father.

The older sibling embraces continuity
And clings to tradition,
The universal community of faith.

The younger child rebels against the elder,
And from the gospel draws
Inspiration for reform and renewal.

Both Catholic and Protestant yearn
For reunion, if only it could
Happen without each losing what they hold most dear.

Their Father waits patiently
For His children to come to their senses.

Graham Andrew © 2011