A Christian Journey

16. Following Christ

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"16. The distinctive feature of Christian action, therefore, is the following of Christ. This Jesus Christ is in person the living, archetypal embodiment of his cause: embodiment of a new attitude to life, and a new way of life. As a concrete, historical person, Jesus Christ possesses an impressiveness, audibility and realizability which is missing in an eternal idea, an abstract principle, a universal norm, a conceptual system."
Hans Küng

Now also available as an anthem for SATB choir and organ.


Jesus taught us by His words,
How to find the way to God.
Follow me, he says to each,
I’m going your way.

Jesus taught us by His living,
What the Father’s love entails.
His light shines on the narrow path.
He’s going our way.

Jesus taught us by His dying,
What the price of sin can be.
The cross marks the end of the road.
Some still go that way.

Jesus taught us by His new life,
The great prize that all can win.
He went this way; blazed the trail.
We’re going His way!

Going this way; going that way.

Is it the wrong way?
No, it’s the right way.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life!

Graham Andrew © 2011