A Christian Journey

17. All things new

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"17. Jesus then means for modern man a basic model of a view of life and practice of life to be realized in many ways. Both positively and negatively he is in person invitation ('you may'), appeal ('you should'), challenge ('you can'), for the individual and society. He makes possible in the concrete a new basic orientation and basic attitude, new motivations, dispositions, projects, a new background of meaning and a new objective."
Hans Küng

Put aside the old ways.
Stop chasing worldly dreams.
Adopt a new attitude.
Start living in the light of Christ.

Put aside the old motives.
Stop hating, lying and cheating.
Adopt new motivations.
Start loving, forbearing and being kind.

Put aside the old moods.
Stop being grumpy and selfish.
Adopt new ways of living.
Start working for the greater good.

Put aside the old projects.
Stop acquiring any way you can.
Adopt new actions, great or small.
Start using your talents well.

Put aside the old aims.
Stop worrying about the future.
Adopt a new objective.
Start preparing for the life to come.

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