A Christian Journey

19. We take up our cross

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"19. It is particularly in coping with the negative side of life that Christian faith and non-Christian humanisms have to face their acid test. For the Christian the only appropriate way to cope with the negative is in the light of the cross. Following the cross does not mean cultic adoration, mystical absorption, or ethical imitation. It means practice in a variety of ways in accordance with the cross of Jesus, in which a person freely perceives and attempts to follow his own way of life and suffering."
Hans Küng

Life is painful, we hurt in many ways,
Some in body, others in the mind.
As Jesus hurt upon the cross,
So we take up our cross and travel on.

Life is full of cares, we worry all the time
About things that matter much or little.
As Jesus cried ‘forgive them’,
So we take up our cross, cast care aside.

Life is tough, we suffer every day,
Ev’ry one in her or his own way.
As Jesus suffered on the cross,
So we take up our cross and struggle on.

Life ends in death, we hear the bell toll
All around and know our mortal fate.
As Jesus died on Calgary,
So we take up our cross and join with Him.

Graham Andrew © 2011