A Christian Journey

1. Who needs Christianity?

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"1. No one is a Christian simply because he or she tries to live in a human or in a social or even in a religious way. That person alone is a Christian who tries to live his or her human, social, and religious life in the light of Jesus Christ."
Hans Küng

Humanists are kindly folk,
Seeking good for ev'ryone.
Who needs Christianity?
Existence is all there is.
With science we can save the world!

Socialists are furious.
Equality, fraternity!
Who needs Christianity?
Justice and fair shares for all.
We'll take power to set you free!

Religious faith is deeply held
By Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews.
Who needs Christianity?
Holy men and women claim:
We'll lead you to the promised land!

Kindness, justice, faith are fine.
All in favour raise your hand.
Who needs Christianity?
Death, destruction and disease;
Hatred, greed and penury.

Who needs Christianity?

Graham P Andrew © 2011