A Christian Journey

20. Trust in God

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"20. Yet, despite all demands for action, looking to the crucified Jesus, the ultimately important thing for man will not be his achievements (justification by works), but his absolute trust in God, both in good and in evil, and thus in an ultimate meaning to life (justification by faith)."
Hans Küng

Now also available as an anthem for SATB choir and organ.


Toe the line, obey the law,
Be a good citizen!
Even if you don’t put a foot wrong,
More will be asked of you.
You will not find peace.

God does not care if we play ball,
Or if we break the rules.
Trust in God and in Christ crucified.
Follow the way as best you can.
You shall not be ashamed.

Justify yourself, prove your worth,
Show what you are made of!
Even if you out-do all your peers,
Your victory will be hollow.
Life will be meaningless.

God does not care what we achieve,
Great or small, worthy or unworthy.
Trust in God and the light of Jesus.
Live by what you believe
And find new meaning in your life.

Graham Andrew © 2011