A Christian Journey

7. Jesus is different

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"7. Jesus thus asserted a claim to be advocate of God and men. He provoked a final decision: not for a particular title, a dogma, or law but for his good news. But in this way, too, the question of his person was indirectly raised: heretical teacher, false prophet, blasphemer, seducer of the people - or what?"
Hans Küng

A leader should be highborn, educated, wealthy,
With numberless followers and hangers-on.
Jesus is diff’rent.
He had none of these advantages.
He built his movement on a shoestring of trust and love.

A leader should form alliances, curry favours,
Steal ideas and grease palms to buy influence.
Jesus is diff’rent.
He used none of these methods.
His message was freely given and costly to accept.

A leader should be all things to all men,
not challenge the whole basis of society and religion.
Jesus is diff’rent.
He did not dodge the issues.
He taught heresy, blasphem'd and seduc'd the people.

A leader should have a title, an office, a function
And be concerned with taking and wielding power.
Jesus is diff’rent.
He wanted none of these attainments.
He confronts us with the meaning of our own lives.

Graham Andrew © 2011