A Christian Journey

8. God, Father

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"8. In the last resort the conflict centers on God. Jesus does not invoke a new God. He invokes the God of Israel - understood in a new way, as Father of the abandoned, whom he addresses quite personally as his Father."
Hans Küng

Now also available as an anthem for SATB choir and organ.


God’s righteousness is higher than the law.
God’s holiness is purer than the prophets.

The God of Jesus was his Father then.
The God of Jesus led him to the cross.

God’s inspiration is richer than the psalms.
God’s forgiveness reaches all the world.

The God of Jesus took him beyond death.
The God of Jesus is His Father still.

God’s understanding is deeper than Solomon’s.
God’s love is more fulfilling than manna from heaven.

The God of Jesus befriends the godless.
The God of Jesus is our Father now,
And evermore, Amen.

Graham Andrew © 2011