A Christian Journey

9. The road leads to the cross

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"9. Jesus' violent end was the logical consequence of this approach of his to God and man. His violent passion was the reaction of the guardians of the law, justice and morality to his nonviolent action: the crucifixion becomes the fulfilment of the curse of the law; Jesus becomes the representative of lawbreakers, of sinners. He dies forsaken by both men and God."
Hans Küng

The road leads to the cross.

The law prefers evidence to speculation.
Jesus proclaimed unseen faith over good works.

The law values compliance above freedom.
Jesus proclaimed freedom from regulation.

The law does not tolerate lawbreakers.
Jesus was a friend of sinners.

The law is hard and unrelenting.
Jesus went to Jerusalem and defied the law.

The curse of the law fell upon him.

The cross is a vengeful place.
Jesus died to satisfy the law.

The cross is a violent place.
Jesus died in pain and agony.

The cross is a lonely place.
Jesus died forsaken by his people.

The cross is a desolate place.
Jesus died forsaken by God.

The cross is a silent place.
Jesus died and his voice was silenced.

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