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Licensing via PRS for Music

The songs of A Christian Journey have been registered with the Performing Rights Society in the UK and they may seek to negotiate a fee based on this registration. If this happens, please contact us and we will make sure there is no double-charging.

Licensing Direct

Please complete the form below to submit a request for a licence to perform, broadcast, arrange, record or play to an audience either the songs or the recorded tracks. This includes use of one or more songs in productions of any kind (plays, films, etc.).

As profit is not the main consideration, we also offer the alternative of a donation to the Christian charity of your choice, or a combination of a fee and a donation.

The only exception is the use of backing tracks for public performance. A fixed fee is payable at a rate of £2.50 per song per hundred seats in the venue. 100% of this fee is due to the recording artist.

You will receive a response by email as soon as possible, requesting further details, suggesting an alternative fee/donation or granting the licence. If the licence is agreed, an invoice (PDF file) will be attached to the email. Your payment options will be included. Once payment has been received, and/or confirmation that the donation has been received by the nominated charity, the licence will be sent as a PDF file attached to a second email.

No licence is required and no fee is payable for the performance of up to three songs as part of a single act of Christian worship. Where more than three songs are to be performed, including where they are spread across several linked events, or where one or more songs are to be performed at a concert, please complete the form. It is hoped that in most cases the fee/donation suggested by the person completing the form will be acceptable without further negotiation.

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  Which type(s) of licence do you require?
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Recording Play recording in public Production

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  Size of venue (number of seats):  

  Number of songs for which a backing track downloaded from this site will be used:  

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  Please give any further details relevant to the level of the licence fee.

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1. Who needs Christianity? 2. Focus on Christ 3. Sustained by God 4. Uniquely Jesus
5. God's Kingdom 6. God's will for us is optimal 7. Jesus is different 8. God, Father
9. The road leads to the cross 10. Is death the end? 11. From God to God 12. Christ crucified
13. The church of Christ 14. Catholic and Protestant 15. True God and true human 16. Following Christ
17. All things new 18. Did you hear? 19. We take up our cross 20. Trust in God


Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.