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Please complete the form below to submit a request for the composer to perform one or more songs, on his own or with other singers.

There are a number of possible options, so please bear with me while I go through them.

Composer alone

The simplest option is to arrange for the composer (that's me) to come to your church or hall with the piano accompaniment on backing tracks and a set of speakers. The cost will depend on the distance from London (UK) and any arrangements for travel and overnight accommodation. I only charge expenses, but I do ask for the opportunity to sell CDs at the event. A fee is payable for the use of the backing tracks at a rate of £2.50 per song per hundred seats in the venue. 100% of this fee is due to the recording artist.
- a small table on which the speakers will stand (acting as a 'virtual' piano),
- a single power socket near to the table,
- a large glass of water.
Optional introductory talk: I am prepared to give a short talk prior to the performance, either on the life and work of Hans Küng or on the thinking behind the songs.

Composer and pianist

Either supply your own pianist, or I can arrange for one. This will make it more difficult to arrange a date. If you supply a pianist there will need to be a rehearsal prior to the performance. The pianist will ideally have considerable experience of accompanying solo singers in a professional manner. Any fees payable to the pianist will be treated as an expense of the performance. You will also need a good piano, which should be tuned shortly prior to the performance (and remain static after tuning).

Composer, pianist and other singer(s)

As above, but again dates will become more difficult and any fees payable to the singer(s) will be an expense of the performance.

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Composer Alone Composer and pianist Composer, pianist, other singer(s)

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1. Who needs Christianity? 2. Focus on Christ 3. Sustained by God 4. Uniquely Jesus
5. God's Kingdom 6. God's will for us is optimal 7. Jesus is different 8. God, Father
9. The road leads to the cross 10. Is death the end? 11. From God to God 12. Christ crucified
13. The church of Christ 14. Catholic and Protestant 15. True God and true human 16. Following Christ
17. All things new 18. Did you hear? 19. We take up our cross 20. Trust in God


Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.