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A Christian Journey

These songs are offered to Christians of all denominations, and to non-Christians looking for fresh insight.

See below for how the songs came into being.

Some of the songs are also available on YouTube.

Songs inspired by the New Testament and the writings of Hans Küng.

Graham P Andrew © 2012

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Each song is presented with lyrics, an example page of sheet music and a recording.  Some of the recordings are in the composer's own voice, and others are sung by, or with, professional tenor Robert Carlin.  I felt it was important to show that they can be performed by the determined amateur, as well as by a more accomplished performer.  They should also be sung by sopranos and altos!

I have also arranged five of the songs as anthems for SATB choir and organ.

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1. Who needs Christianity? 2. Focus on Christ 3. Sustained by God 4. Uniquely Jesus
5. God's Kingdom 6. God's will for us is optimal 7. Jesus is different 8. God, Father
9. The road leads to the cross 10. Is death the end? 11. From God to God 12. Christ crucified
13. The church of Christ 14. Catholic and Protestant 15. True God and true human 16. Following Christ
17. All things new 18. Did you hear? 19. We take up our cross 20. Trust in God


In the early summer of 2011 I picked up an old friend and companion, 'The Christian Challenge' by Hans Küng.

For those of you who have not heard of Prof. Dr. Küng, there are plenty of places to start your research - such as Wikipedia.

My own research began in the late 1970s when, as a young man, I seriously questioned my faith in God and the basis of Christianity. The writings of Hans Küng have made a big contribution to enabling me to keep my faith and move forward in life.

When I re-read the Twenty Propositions at the end of the book, I formed the idea of writing the same number of songs. I had also recently been studying Winterreise by Schubert, so the idea naturally became the 'song cycle' you find here today.

My hope is that the songs convey, in summarised form, the sense and spirit of both Hans Küng's writings and my own faith in a Christian God.

Graham Andrew